Symphonic Wind Ensemble

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Virtual Learning Meet Codes: MRHS-jellis-pd4

Additional synchronous support on Wednesdays 10:20-10:50: MRHS-jellis-support


What you should be practicing


Breathing Materials from the Breathing Exercises Module in Canvas


Continue to review all Warm up material and Scales Sheets

Treble Clef Major and Minor Scale Sheets

Bass Clef Major and Minor Scale Sheets


Click HERE for part assignments for Semester Two


Music you should be preparing


A Movement for Rosa

A Movement for Rosa Woodwind parts

A Movement for Rosa Brass Parts

Rosa Hn3-4

A Movement for Rosa Percussion

A Movement for Rosa Score


Angels of the Apocalypse

Angels of the Apocalypse Woodwind parts

Angels Eb Clarinet

Angels of the Apocalypse Brass Parts

Angels of the Apocalypse Percussion Parts

Angels of the Apocalypse Score


Black Horse Troop

Black Horse Troop Woodwind Parts

Black Horse Troop Brass Parts

Black Horse Troop Percussion



Vesuvius Woodwind Parts

Vesuvius Brass/Percussion Parts

Vesuvius Conductor’s score



Gandalf Full Set

Gandalf Clarinets corrected

Gandalf Conductor’s Score



Hobbits Set

Corrected Clarinet 2 Hobbits

Oboe 2 Hobbits


Reference Recordings


Angels of the Apocalypse demo recording


Black Horse Troop demo recording


A Movement for Rosa demo recording