Percussion Ensemble

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Virtual Learning meet codes: MRHS-jellis-pd3, Additional synchronous support: MRHS-jellis-pd3s

Material you should be practicing

ALWAYS! Review your Snare, Keyboard and Timpani packets

Snare Packet

First 16 measures of IV Accent Patterns

First 24 measures of IX, Roll patterns

First 24 measures of XI, Flam patterns

Keyboard Packet

6-3-2-1 at MM 132

Ren and Stimpy/Stimpy and Ren in C

Single/Double/Triple combo

Timpani Packet

Exercise 6


Click HERE for the Percussion Part Assignment Grid


for Concert Band


Rhythm Danse Percussion Parts


El Capitan Percussion Parts


Carol of the Bells Percussion Parts


for Percussion Ensemble

Cucina Bella

Cucina Bella score

Bossa Nova Without Instruments

Reference Recordings

Rhythm Dance

Cucina Bella

Bossa Nova Without Instruments

El Capitan

Carol of the Bells